Abiola Fajimi

Creative Director

Abiola started his career fusing graphics with code as a front-end designer, working with tools like paint and flash. A self-taught graphic artist, His curiosity and engineering background led him to explore alternate mediums of expression diving into programmed animation, web 3D, web programming and mobile development. With over 8years under his belt, Abiola continually seeks new opportunities to learn while taking every opportunity given to share that knowledge with the world.

As a creative director, he manages project UI directions and plans user experience. His styles has been said to be modern, minimalist and innovative. An entrepreneur at heart, Abiola is co-founder of various online services such as IWantAirplay, NowSporting and SchoolBoard.

Abiola is passionate about music, arts and sports. In his spare time you can find him at Bogobiri listening to live alternative music or just chilling grinding on some tic-tac.